Bullying in our Schools

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I’ve run for office many times. Each time I do run there are several people who do reach out to me about the bullying problems in our schools. We do have a protocol for using the chain of command starting at the teacher and going up to the state board. When people go through that chain of command and nothing is done, it is a real concern.

If’ I’m elected to congress, I will address this issue head on, and address each level of chain of command to find out why this chain isn’t doing its job. A few years ago, I tried to support a senator when he was trying to promote an anti-bullying program for online bulling and tried to give support and some ideas on that. What it boiled down to is, the senator put his name on the bill just to get votes and didn’t really have any interest and do anything further.

One of the main quotes I’ve herd time and time again when there is an issue of bullying is teachers just telling kids that they just need to toughen up or get tough skinned. In some cases, they send them to a councilor to teach them to toughen up. The issue isn’t the kid that’s being bullied, the issue is the bully.

When I was in grade school; I did get bullied quite a bit. Two of my friends and I had to fight against the upper class of about 15 boys daily. Sometimes those friends just didn’t make it to school, so that ended up as a 15 on one fight. Counseling never stopped this bullying because the bullies were never addressed, only me. The bullying didn’t stop until we got a new kid in our class that were twice the size of any kid that choke slammed one of the bullies.

In junior high there was an issue with a bully who would punch me during class and, that happened every day for about a month until we had a confrontation in an alley by the school. Even his mother was there yelling to fight. And after the fight, that ended the bullying.

Teachers or councilors telling kids to toughen up, or boys will be boys as an excuse. Just shows they don’t care or are just being lazy. Councilors can advise and comfort, but a councilor is not going to toughen up anyone. I never worried about anyone bullying me after I started taking Karate class when I was 16. I competed, won many championships.

Our government of today is more focused on growing government than working with the people, and it’s the people who elect our government. We need a government that is going to work with and for the people. Below is a recent issue I had talked to with a concerned parent.

I sent an email to Adrian Smith regarding this and told him I would like his input. I am guardian of two biracial grandchildren who attend our high school. The first problem is my granddaughter is being bullied to the point she is now on antidepressants. The school said they would give her guidance on sticking up for herself, but that is all.

Uh, no. If she could do that she probably would never had to deal with this problem.

DO You See the problem here?