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Coal is used to provide electricity for the public. Even if one drives an electrically powered vehicle, the electricity is produced somewhere. Many of the so called “green” vehicles run on electricity. These vehicles only seem “green” because the owner or driver does not see the pollution directly. This fits the idea of “out of sight, out of mind.

Fly-Ash Cement

ALLIANCE – When thinking of the burning of coal for the production of electricity, one may think of the plants used during the industrial revolution. During that period in history little to no filtration was used, which accounted for the black smoke pouring from the tops of the smoke stacks. Now, a series of filtration […]

Coal – Bottom Ash

ALLINACE – Scientists and engineers research, develop and produce new ways of generating energy. In the meantime, coal fired powered plants remain the most abundant producers of electricity world-wide. Coal does produce a fairly large amount of waste materials. As various research and development industries seek new energy sources, many seek ways to utilize the […]